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We are looking for a mixture of candid and posed family photos. Can you do both?

Always! My visual storytelling style leans toward a candid, documentary approach (the kids being hilarious, the dog licking your face), but posed family photographs, where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera, are also treasured keepsakes. We find a way to work both into our session.

Can we bring along the family pet?

Sure pets are allowed during the full family sessions, but not FSS due to time limits! Pets are totally family members! Let’s just make sure they’re well behaved, and on a leash. Bring plenty of treats and a few chew toys, to be safe. .. and please a heads up is always appreciated.

How long will it take to receive our images?

Your gallery is posted 2 weeks after your session. They will be delivered for download  via email !

What can I do to help the session run smoothly?

The BEST thing you can do is to let go and enjoy! I know it’s hard not to be stressed before your session, but babies pick up on anxiety really easily. We’ll have the best chance at getting gorgeous images if we let them happen naturally (with a little guidance from me, of course!) I want your pictures to be amazing and will do all the hard work for you! Your only job is to relax and have fun

What if my kids don't cooperate?

I love getting to know my clients’ kids, even the ones who are shy/stubborn/you name it! I always approach the session as a new friend who’s just there to play and have a good time. I have all the patience in the world, and I find that being easy-going translates to happy kiddos. That being said, not every moment of the session is perfect, and that’s totally OK — in fact, it’s encouraged! In 10 years, I’m willing to bet that you’ll cherish the image of your toddler crying fake tears just as much as the one that we took 10 seconds later of him happily running toward the camera. My goal is to capture the personalities of the kids in front of my lens, including all of the beautiful quirks, details, and small moments that make up childhood. Please remember I am a mom of young children myself, so anything your kid is throwing my way, my kids have already done :)

If the session is in my home... how clean does it need to be?

Pretend a friend or relative is coming over - so pick up excess clutter, but there's no need to hire a cleaning lady or make your home spotless.

I personally think that signs of everyday life - toys, books, etc. - add character to the photos. We are trying to keep things "real" after all. That being said, if your child has any toys or books that you hate - please put them away or hide them.

I found something on PINTRIST can we recreate it?

Pinterest can be a great source for ideas, but every photo really comes from a unique moment. Let's try to make your own moments unique as well.

What is your style?

My visual style is clean, simple, and timeless, and my shooting style is fun and active! Please see examples of my style so that you will know what to expect from your images if you choose me as your photographer. Please know if you do not like my editing style, we may not be a good fit.

Where will we have session?

That depends on the type of session, the ages of your children, and what feel you would like to have in your portraits. For families I like to shoot outside if possible! Your home is also a great place for a lifestyle session and is my preference for newborn sessions. I have a list of favorite outdoor locations I like to shoot, so we will discuss before we pick a spot. I am a natural light photographer, so outside is BEST.

What if its bad weather?

 In the event of bad weather, or if you have an emergency and need to reschedule, please call us ASAP! We will e-mail you our cell phone number before the shoot, feel free to e-mail us back with a number where we can reach you that day too in case anything comes up on our end. We will check the extended forecast about a week before your shoot and e-mail you to confirm and then we’ll check the radar again 24-48 hours out and re-confirm via e-mail. Montana weather is very unpredictable though. I typically find that Montana weather likes to keep us guessing, and most of the time a light sprinkle is just fine. Snow of course, is game on, unless the weather conditions are hazardous and it is not safe to be outside.

Do you give out raw images?

No, because I believe that editing is half the magic that goes into the photos, and is one way I’m able to pour my creativity into each shoot. Without editing, the images are only halfway done! I promise never to leave out any photos that you want or need, and if for some reason you ever do feel like I missed delivering a photo, just ask! I’m not going to let you miss out on your memories!

Will you photoshop my body?

 I know...this is a tough subject. The power of photoshop is a scary one in my opinion ... And I have some pretty strong feelings on this. As a mom I have been every size in the book, at my smallest and at my biggest and sometimes in between.. so I totally understand and sympathize with moms on this issue. But heres my stance...

I will not be altering or photoshopping your body . Here is why

1. You are beautiful

Your children see you in all your beauty. They don't care if you still have 10 pounds to loose or if you haven't done a sit up in 5 years. They want to see you, be with you, snuggle with you. When they look back at these images in 10 years they wont care what size you were, they may make fun your outfit choices but they wont care if you were a 12 or a 2 . Kids love their moms and want to be with them.

2. I want you to look like you.

I've seen so many people who get photoshopped to look like different people, and I am so morally against that.

3. If requested I will send you a style guide to help pick the best most flattering outfit for you. If you feel your pants are too tight, they probably are so let's get you comfy. The more relaxed and comfortable you are the better.

4. I have no problem fixing small things like an unexpected zit, or a child with a mark on their face. Keep it small and i've got you

5. Remember that you are STUNNING just the way you are.

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