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As a mother myself, I know how important it is to capture every important milestone of a child’s life. From the beauty of birth to the splendor of their first steps, these moments are ones parents want to remember. There is no better way to remember these moments than by having an abundance of pictures of your little one. After all, they are only that small once.

Some Fun Facts About Me

- My first pregnancy is what inspired me to get into photography professionally
-I'm completely addicted to coffee

- I married my best friend and wonderful husband July 31, 2010
-My favorite places in the world are Belize & the San Juan Islands in Washington State
-I was born and raised in Seattle, WA

-I could eat Mexican food every day!
-I am blessed to be a mommy to three beautiful boys, Brody (10), Dawson (7), and Cooper (5)
-I am the youngest of three

-Country music is the best!
-I graduated with a degree in Health and Human Development

-I worked as a Behavioral Therapist for three years
-I am a huge advocate for Autism Awareness
-Fall is the best time of the year
-I shoot with a Canon 5D mark iii
-I LOVE any and all musicals

{Nice to meet you}


Photos by:

Ashley Romance Photography &

Kelsey Farago photography


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